Training & Exercises

Public Safety Exercises

In the event of a scheduled public safety exercise that has the potential to impact our community you will find additional information listed on this page.

The university will be conducting a TEST on Friday, September 30, 2022, of the Brandeis Emergency Notification System (BENS). The test requires no action on your part. However, you may wish to review your contact information or register if you have not previously done so.

On Friday, September 30, at approximately 12:30 p.m. you will receive:

  • an email to your Brandeis email address
  • a short text message and/or voice call on your personal cell phone (if registered)
  • a test message will appear on the university homepage and on your Cisco office phone (if you have one) informing you that Brandeis is testing its emergency systems

Again, this is only a TEST. In the event of a real emergency, these messages would include instructions and information.

Emergency Preparedness Training

To discuss training opportunities or schedule a presentation on emergency preparedness, please contact us.  Opportunities currently exist for:
  • 3 Steps to Preparedness - Be Informed, Plan Ahead, Take Action
  • What is Emergency Management - Introduction to emergency management and how we can help.