Requirements for the Major

A total of 12 courses are required for the Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies degree. These include:

Students are encouraged to take ENVS 2a early in their career as it is a prerequisite for the Applied Learning Experience. Please consult the following guidelines in choosing your courses:

Required Courses

Core Courses

All students must complete the following course:
Course Number Course Title
ENVS 2a Fundamentals of Environmental Challenges
In addition, students must complete one of the following two options:
Option 1
Course Number Course Title
ANTH 137a Geographical Information Systems: Mapping Culture From Land, Air and Space
Option 2 (must complete both):
Course Number Course Title
HS 263f [1]
Applied Geographic Information Systems
HS 297f [1]
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

[1] HS 263f (applied) and HS 297f (introductory) are separate half-semester modules, equivalent to one course. It is best to take these modules later in your studies; we recommend as a junior or senior. You must take both modules to complete the ENVS major requirements. To register, email Ravi Lakshmikanthan for the consent code and add the module(s) to your schedule during pre-registration and registration.

Applied Learning Experience (choose one)

Course Number Course Title
No specific course number An approved environmental internship [2]
No specific course number An approved study abroad program [3]
ENVS 97a Senior Essay [4]
ENVS 99a Senior Research [4]
ENVS 99b Senior Thesis [4]

[2] In order for an environmental internship to count as an applied learning experience, a student must request and receive approval from the environmental studies program after completing ENVS 2a (Fundamentals of Environmental Challenges) plus five additional courses that count toward the environmental studies major.

[3] In order for a study abroad experience to qualify as an applied learning experience, it should be field-based, well-integrated and include a major project that the student undertakes. Please consult the list of preapproved study abroad programs to determine which programs qualify.

[4] Students must identify an adviser for their work if they choose to pursue ENVS 97a, ENVS 99a or ENVS 99b. Please also note that ENVS 99a is a prerequisite to ENVS 99b, should you decide to pursue a senior thesis.


Group 1: Social Sciences and Humanities (choose four)

Course Number Course Title
AMST 30b American Environmental History
AMST/ENG 47a Frontier Visions: The West in American Literature and Culture
AMST 105a The Eastern Forest: Paleoecology to Policy
AMST 106b Food and Farming in America
ANTH 55a Anthropology of Development
ANTH 121b Archaeology and Environment
ANTH 151b Nature, Culture, Power: Anthropology of the Environment
COML/ENG70b1 Environmental Film, Environmental Justice
ECON 57a Environmental Economics
ECON 175a Introduction to the Economics of Development
ENG 28a Contemporary Environmental Writing
ENVS 18b Global Sustainability and Biodiversity Conservation
ENVS49a1 Conservation Politics
ENVS 39b Climate Change: Causes, Impacts, Responses and Solutions
ENVS 107b Atmospheric Civics and Diplomacy
FA 169a Ecology and Art
GECS 188b Human/Nature: European Perspectives on Climate Change
HSSP152b1 Introduction to Demography: Social Determinants of Healing and Wellbeing
PHIL 21a Environmental Ethics
SOC 175b Environmental Movements: Organizations, Networks and Partnerships

Group II: Natural Sciences (choose four)

Courses With No Prerequisites
Course Number Course Title
AMST 105a Eastern Forest: Paleoecology to Policy
BIOL 16a Evolution and Biodiversity
BIOL 17b Conservation Biology
BIOL l32a Field Biology
CHSC 3b Solving Environmental Challenges: The Role of Chemistry
CHSC 4b Understanding the Chemistry of Sustainability
EBIO 33b Citizen Science: Bridging Science, Education and Advocacy
ENVS19a Evolution of the Earth

Geographic Information Systems

Course Number Course Title
HS263f1 Applied Geographic Information Systems
HS297f1 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Courses With One or More Prerequisites
Course Number Course Title
BIOL 23a Ecology
BIOL 26a Plant Biology
BIOL 39b Biology of Global Climate Change
BIOL 50b Animal Behavior
BIOL 134b Topics in Ecology
BIOL 159a Project Lab in Microbiology
CHEM 33a Environmental Chemistry

Additional Courses (choose two)

Complete two additional courses from either group of electives above.

Special Notes