IMPACT: Imagining Together

IMPACT Imagining Together Platform for Arts, Culture and Conflict Transformation

IMPACT (Imagining Together: Platform for Arts, Culture and Conflict Transformation) is a worldwide, values-driven collaboration to design and activate strategies to strengthen the arts, culture and conflict transformation (ACCT) ecosystem.

This ecosystem includes individuals and organizations working on the international stage and in local neighborhoods — sometimes at great risk — creating festivals and crafting policies; documenting practices and developing theories; and enlivening communities and building bridges across differences. In this ecosystem, we imagine and embody a more just, more vibrant, less violent world.

The grand challenges confronting humanity — climate change; growing inequalities; wars and legacies of past wars; displacement; the rise of authoritarian regimes; political and social polarization; and more — call for urgent creative attention beyond the linear, rational approaches that have proved insufficient and often counterproductive. The acct ecosystem addresses these challenges in distinct, constructive, transformative ways. With investment and support, this ecosystem could be even more effective.

IMPACT seeks partnerships with people, institutions and networks that share our values; our concerns for our communities, planet and future; and our commitment to creativity.