Jane Sapp


Jane Sapp is a musician and cultural worker with deep roots in the gospel music traditions of the American south. A musician of enormous power and talent, Jane Sapp has worked in schools and community centers for decades. Most recently, she worked as a cultural facilitator with the newly forming foundation, the Southern Partners Fund, and also undertook documentation of activists in the rural south who were grantees of the Bert and Mary Meyer Foundation. Jane Sapp will offer an opening concert/lecture on cultural work, its meanings and examples of successful projects, focusing on urban and rural youth.

A Way Out of No Way
A Way Out of No Way is a multi-media documentation of the life and work of the extraordinary musician, educator, activist and cultural worker, Jane Wilburn Sapp. She is collaborating on this project with a team that includes her husband, educator, activist and historian Hubert Sapp, and Dr. Cynthia Cohen, director of the Program in Peacebuilding and the Arts at Brandeis University. Learn more about this current project.

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