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Songs of Resistance and Hope by Jane Wilburn Sapp

Encouraging voting on Instagram | Facebook 

In the vodcast, Jane Sapp offers specific songs to support the current demands for racial justice and explores how songs can energize the movement. #votedeis 


Report on Socia Media Campaign for Voting - new!

Report on Social Media Campaign for Voting in Georgia - new!



Vodcast - Songs of Resistance and Hope:
A video podcast by Jane Wilburn Sapp, singer, songwriter, cultural activist and educator
j sapp

Songbook: Let’s Make a Better World: Stories and Songs by Jane Sapp

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And listen to the related podcast series.

VIDEO: Reconciliation Ceremony in Atlanta featuring Jane Sapp
Sept 2019
Image credit: Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Video by Ryon Horne/AJC

Boston Children's Chorus: Found in Translation
March 12, 2016

Jane Wilburn Sapp in Residence
April 13 - 25, 2015

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Int'l Visiting Research Scholar Public Talk

Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies
May 6, 2014

View a video
"Composing Our Lives
Together" song-writing
workshop with Jane Sapp

"Seeking Lives of Purpose"
'DEIS Impact Event Series
with Jane Sapp, Don West
February 1-10, 2014

Spirituality and the Quest for Justice in the African American Musical Tradition

January 29, 2014

Blog post: Five Misconceptions about the Field of Community Cultural Development

Reflection from a national meeting

Meeting about new independent study/ internship opportunity:

Cultural Work and Social Transformation

January 15

View videos from “I’m Gonna Sit at the Welcome Table:” Resilience, Cultural Work and Development in the African-American Community
November 2013

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The Podcast

Songs of Resistance and Hope: 

A video podcast by Jane Wilburn Sapp, singer, songwriter, cultural activist and educator


"For the part of you that's afraid to hope...But ready"




portraitIn the eight episodes of Songs of Resistance and Hope, Jane Sapp offers specific songs to the current movement for racial justice. They were produced by Armine Avetisyan and the Brandeis Program in Peacebuilding and the Arts, in partnership with ReCAST, Inc. Piano scores, stories, Jane’s theories of social change, and more songs can be found in her book Let’s Make a Better World: Stories and Songs by Jane Sapp, available through her website Sapp believes that songs communicate ideas in ways that can move people to act on their visions for the world. Songs can plant seeds in our collective memory and energize the movements for social justice. They have the ability to give voice to a moral conscience and a moral imagination.


street protests

Episode 1: Movin' On 

"Nothing is going to stop this movement, so I offer “Moving On” as a way to articulate that and another kind of platform to say “yea, you can’t stop us”...This kind of music is transformational. When you sing it, you don't feel the same. Something feels different. Something feels more connected. Something feels more solid...Resilient"

an old photo of women

Episode 2: Someone Sang for Me

“Whether we admit it or not, we do have a collective memory around the various struggles of justice and civil rights in this country, and when we hear this song it brings all of it back to us ... if you remember it, you gotta do something.”

umbrella on a street protest

Episode 3: I Want to Lift My Sister Up

“When we see police brutality, they’re not just killing George Floyd, but that brutality is killing us all...If you can’t find a way to lift all of us up, we all go down.”

children playing a piano

Episode 4: There's a River Flowing in My Soul

“Let [my life] matter. Let it live. Let it breathe. Let it thrive. Let it contribute. Let it soar. Get out the way because my life matters and there's a river flowing in my soul and because of that, I know I’m somebody”.

street protests

Episode 5: We Have Come Too Far

“[I was] thinking about how far we had come both as women and as black women... I just don’t feel like we can go back to where we were before”.

street protests

Episode 6: Let's Make a Better World

“We’re whole people. We’re not just the police brutality people. We’re not just the health disparity people, we're not just the voting suppression people. We’re whole people. Those things that we can do and that we can fight for is what contributes to whole people, to whole communities.”

young people dancing

Episode 7: We Are an African People

"The birth of humanity began in Africa, all of us are really African people”

street protests

Episode 8: Ain't You Got a Right

“Four hundred years of struggle in this country and the only thing people were asking for was “ain't we got a right, just like you?” It’s the fundamental question of justice.”