Faculty Senate

Ongoing Senate Projects

Updating the Faculty Handbook

The Faculty Senate Working Group on Democratic Governance and Community is engaged in a multi-year process of updating the Faculty Handbook, in partnership with the faculty, the provost and the deans.

Annual Faculty Survey

Faculty Career Development 

In July, 2021 the Senate sent a memo to senior administrators encouraging them encouraging them  to press forward on faculty concerns about career development. Concerns were elicited in Faculty Focus groups of AY 2020-2021. In July of 2021 the Senate submitted a list of these concerns to the Administration, together with suggestions for amelioration. Many of these concerns were specific to contract and adjunct faculty.

Faculty Pay 

In February, 2022 the Senate sent a memo to senior administrators encouraging them to address the faculty’s loss of purchasing power since 2021. The loss began with COVID financial constraints and has intensified with ongoing rapid inflation. This loss was highlighted in a February 2022 memo from the Senate to the Administration.  The loss was not addressed in the budget for AY 2022-2023 and, as of July 2022, continues to become more severe.

Dignity at Work

In February of 2020 the administration ceased all consideration of the faculty proposal. It thereafter drafted an unrelated set of grievance procedures. To date, faculty or staff have not been consulted in this second design process.