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The Latin America Initiative: Building Global Partnerships

Latin America Initiative

“Latin America is rapidly making its mark in the global economy. It’s rich with opportunities, and Brandeis International Business School (IBS) is eager to be part of efforts to build alliances in the region across business, academia, and government.” — Brandeis IBS Dean Bruce Magid, P'15

The initiative focuses on five areas:

  • Increasing awareness of the region’s economy, business opportunities, and cultural significance
  • Building partnerships with leading universities and corporations in the region
  • Paving the way for professional opportunities for students and alumni
  • Strengthening the on-campus Latin American community
  • Sustaining our overseas connections through continued involvement and donations from our alumni

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Explore the school's thought leadership on Latin America, its growing connections and opportunities with Latin American businesses, its programming related to the region, and how you can get involved and support the initiative. Read Brandeis IBS Dean Bruce Magid's op-ed in Bloomberg Businessweek about the importance of educational partnerships with the region. 

Assistant Professor of Economics Ricardo Lopez shares his thoughts on Brandeis IBS and Latin American studies.