Brandeis International Business School

International Business School celebrates mid-year graduates

MSF and MBA degree recipients honored by faculty, students and staff

Students posing in Brandeis IBS hats.

A group of graduating students pose in front of the camera in their Brandeis International Business School hats during the ceremony.

Members of the Brandeis International Business School community recently joined in celebration and recognition of the accomplishments and achievements of over 70 Master of Science in Finance (MSF) and three MBA degree recipients in its mid-year graduation dinner. They also wished departing exchange students well as they return to their home countries.

In his greetings to the guests, Interim Dean Peter Petri pointed out that this ceremony served as an important milestone for the business school. It was the inaugural graduation of the first 16-month MSF class in the school’s history. He praised the graduates for their “tremendous hard work and abundant community spirit” and offered his gratitude to the school’s faculty and staff for their dedication and service.

Associate Professor Debarshi Nandy, the MSF program director, urged the graduates “to innovate, to bring new ideas to your managers that do not follow the traditional ways that business works. Innovation is affecting not only earning streams, but it’s going to have a positive impact down the line socially, morally, for future generations.”

Outstanding MSF students were acknowledged by the school’s leadership in two categories:

Academic Excellence

  • Tsz Wai (Jasmine) Chine
  • Qi Jin
Service and Leadership
  • Nathaly Muriel Alzate
  • Milos Becarevic
  • Le (Scarlett) Chang
  • Yihan Fu
  • Sunminyi (Candice) He
  • Francisco Javier Petrirena Cubota
  • Yiqun (Eva) Zhang

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