Courses and Requirements

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    GECS 188B — Human/Nature: European Perspectives on Climate Change

  • NOTES ABOUT FALL 2020 German Studies COURSES

    The German Studies program would like to provide some clarifications so that you can plan your schedule and make any adjustments, as appropriate, when registration re-opens in late July via Sage.

    To view the complete descriptions of the courses that satisfy the requirements for the German Studies major/minor, please visit the University Bulletin.

    For course times, locations, and additional details, please visit the Schedule of Classes on the University Registrar's website.

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    Fall 2020 Courses

    GER 10A: Beginning German (both sections)

    Fall 2020 Information: Course will be offered remotely with optional in-person group meetings.

    Professor Eva Heinrich

    Four class hours per week.

    Intended for students with little or no previous knowledge of German. Emphasis is placed on comprehending, reading, writing, and conversing in German and the presentation of basic grammar. Class work is enhanced by various interactive classroom activities and is supplemented by extensive language lab, video, and computer-aided exercises. Usually offered every year in the fall.

    The course is scheduled to meet four times per week, but students will not meet for the full 90 minutes each day. Every class session will last 50-60 minutes. Your instructor will let you know how the time within the 90-minute block will be used. You should plan the entire 90-minutes blocked off on your schedule even though you’ll only be in class (remote or in person) for 50-60 minutes. Please contact your instructor directly with scheduling conflicts and requests.

    GER 30A: Intermediate German

    Fall 2020 Information: Course will be offered in hybrid mode.

    Professor Sabine von Mering

    Prerequisite: A grade of C- or higher in GER 20b or the equivalent. 

    In concluding the development of the four language speaking skills--comprehending, writing, reading, and speaking--this course focuses on finishing up the solid grammar foundation that was laid in GER 10a and GER 20b. It also presents additional audio and video material, films, radio plays, and newspaper and magazine articles, as well as a variety of extensive interactive classroom activities. Usually offered every year in the fall.

    Due to a high number of schedule conflicts, German 30 has switched to a new slot. It will now meet three times a week:  T, Th 10-11:30am and F 9-10am (four total class hours per week). 

    GER106B: Migration, Kultur, Synergie

    Fall 2020 Information: Course will be offered in hybrid mode.

    Professor Sabine von Mering

    Prerequisite: GER 30a.

    Investigates the experience of refugees and immigrants in present-day Germany and discusses processes of social transformation. Through fictional and non-fictional texts and film, we gain an understanding of their cultural, economic, political and artistic contributions and of cross-cultural collaborations. Usually offered every second year.

    Cross-listed Courses
    For a full list of Fall '20 courses cross-listed with German Studies, please see the Schedule of Classes.