ABout Ashton Graybiel

Ashton Graybiel, a cardiologist by training, was a leading researcher whose studies on the effects of weightlessness and acceleration on human balance, spatial orientation, physiology and performance helped prepare America's astronauts for space flight.

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The Ashton Graybiel Spatial Orientation Laboratory is composed of more than 20 Brandeis University faculty members, researchers, staff and students drawn from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds and academic and professional experiences.

Our research helps to explain and solve practical problems in aeronautics, astronautics and clinical populations. Topics include sensory motor adaptation, motion sickness, perception of human body orientation and the effects of varying force environments on the control of movement, posture and balance.

The Graybiel Laboratory’s experimental program is designed to advance our effort to develop a predictive model of human vestibular orientation, posture and neural control of movement.