2018 Research Award Winners

Yeshuv & Israel

Orian Zakai
George Washington University
“Zionism and the Fictions of the Other Woman”

Creative Arts

Lynne Avadenka
Wayne State University
“Sacred Craft: Jewish Women’s Role in Early Hebrew Printing”

Ariel Paige Cohen
University of Virginia
“Nameless Exhibitionists: Jews, Genders, and Museums in Twentieth-Century America”

Marcia Falk
“Crossing the Boundaries, Days of Freedom: Blessings, Poems, and Directions of the Heart for Passover Week”

Joy Ladin
Yeshiva University
“Shekhinah Speaks”

Ruth Panofsky
Ryerson Univeristy
“Flesh and Bones: Hoda’s North End Poems”

Sarah Snider
University of Notre Dame

Gender, Culture, Religion & Law

Elizabeth Alexander
University of Virginia
“Specifiying the Social Gender of Legal Personae in Biblical Law”

Michele Chabin
NY Jewish Week, Religion News Service, USA Today
“Little Explored Aspects of Jewish Divorce” (Working title)

Hannah Mayne
University of Toronto, Department of Anthropology and Centre for Jewish Studies
“Female Piety and Sacred Space in Israel/Palestine: Jewish Prayer at the Western Wall”

Ido Noy
Hebrew University
“Medieval Ashkenazi Wedding Jewelry and Love Tokens: Christian Material Culture in Jewish Context”

Amihai Radzyner
Bar-Ilan University
“Bigamy in the State of Israel: Law, Halakhah and Society”

Hannah Roussel
University of Michigan
“Questions of Belonging: Gender, Disability, and Humanness in Rabbinic Literature”

Judith Szapor
McGill University
“Antisemitism, Gender, and Exile: Hungarian Jewish Women and the Numerus Clausus Law in Hungary, 1920–1948”

Diaspora Studies

Ben Steiner
Brandeis University
“Ketubot in the Early American West (Part II)”

Sarah Litvin
Graduate Center, CUNY
“Up by Their Fingertips: New York Jewish Women and the Piano, 1880–1920”

Jewish Feminism

Keren McGinity
Hebrew College and HBI
“Un-partnered: The Meaning of Being Single Jewish Women in America, 1976–Present”

LGBTQ Studies

Orit Avishai
Fordham University
“Queering Orthodoxy: LGBTQ Acceptance and Orthodox Judaism in Israel”