2019 HBI Research Award Recipients

Debra Caplan, Baruch College - CUNY
Make Them Laugh: Molly Picon and the Story of the American Jewish Stage
Sandra Chiritescu, Columbia University
Yiddish Traces in American-Jewish Feminism? English and Yiddish Life-Writing 1970-present
Ariel Cohen, University of Virginia
Displaying Art and Exhibiting Philanthropy: Jews, Gender, and Museums in the United States, 1888 – 1958
Jewlia Eisenberg, Independent Performer
LA Archivera – An Exploration and Celebration of the Archive of Emily Sene
Elia Etkin, Ben Gurion University
Women in the Neighborhood Women as Neighbors: Neighborliness and the Everyday of Urban Jewish Women in British Mandate Palestine
Emma Gonzalez-Lesser, University of Connecticut
Becoming Jewish: Gendered Ethno-Racial Subjectivities and Jews by Choice
Hana Green, Clark University
Cloaked Survival: Jewish Women “Passing” As Aryan During the Holocaust
Rachel Harris & Gila Silverman, University of Illinois - Urbana & University of Arizona
Impact of Gender on Career Trajectories in Israel Studies
Isabelle Headrick, University of Texas - Austin
A Family in Iran: Networks of Love, Learning, and Work in the Alliance Israélite Universelle in Iran, 1908-1978
Lindsey Jackson, Concordia University
Uncut: Ritual Engagement, Adaptation, and Rejection of Brit Milah in Canada and United States
Michal Lemberger, Independent Writer
Jezebel: A Novel
Sarah Lightman, Birbeck, University of London
Dressing Eve and Other Reparative Acts (University of Penn State Press, 2021)
Rivka Neriya-Ben Shahar, Sapir Academic College
Nodes, Edges and Ties: Online and Offline Social Networks of Smartphone Users among Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Women
Hannah Pressman, University of Washington
Galante's Daughter: A Sephardic Family Journey
Shana Strauch Schick, Yeshiva University
Being and Doing: Legal Versus Narrative Standing of Women in Eretz Israel and Babylonian Texts
Kerry Wallach, Gettysburg College
Rahel Szalit-Marcus, a Jewish Artist in Berlin and Paris