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A student meets with a recruiter at a career fair.Engage Brandeis' top-ranked undergraduate students and alumni by partnering with the Hiatt Career Center. Explore the available options below (Recruiting, Educating, Networking) to find the one best suited for your needs or contact our External Engagement Team.


Employers have the opportunity to recruit Brandeis undergraduate and graduate students as it relates to employment and career opportunities at multiple points throughout the academic year at our career fairs.

  • Advertise your openings and brand your organization.
  • Gain direct access to hundreds of diverse and talented undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Develop connections with Brandeis staff and faculty for future engagement activities and opportunities.

  • Receive high-touch support and follow-up.

    • After the event, employers will have the opportunity to receive resume bundles alongside exclusive invitations to other recruiting activities and events

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Enhance the awareness of your organization by hosting a Virtual Information Session or Site Visit (what we call "treks"). We'll work with you at flexible involvement levels so our community can learn more about your organization, workplace and industry.

  • Help students gain a sense of the culture and day-to-day work life, alongside sharing upcoming career opportunities and deadlines

  • Conduct a virtual stand-alone Information Session using Handshake's internal video conferencing
  • Adjust your focus to be more informational, educational, or recruitment based depending on your organization's preferences and market needs

  • Employers are encouraged to host educational opportunities from Sept. 6 – Dec. 2, 2022, and Jan. 17 –April 21, 2023.


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Employees who are also Brandeis alumni can hold virtual office hours on the Rise Together Mentor Network or engage our community at a number of networking events held throughout the academic year.

  • Gain exclusive access to invitation-only in-person networking events.
  • Easily engage over 40,000 Brandeis undergraduate alumni through an exclusive online network.
  • Serve as a career mentor/advisor to current students while boosting your organization's presence.
  • Engage only as much as you want, whether it’s just posting open positions at your company, engaging with other alumni/student posts, or hosting virtual Q&A sessions with the Brandeis community.

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Please Note: All employers who work with our office are required to adhere to our recruiting guidelines.

Disclaimer: Those wishing to post hourly opportunities (babysitting, waiting tables/server, hosting/hostessing at a restaurant, cashier) should contact Kaleigh Ferguson. in the Student Employment Office. Babysitting, caretaking, or similar jobs will no longer be posted unless the person is a current Brandeis affiliate or can get a current Brandeis affiliate to vouch for them.