History majors regularly engage in a diverse array of internship opportunities. Students frequently intern at the Brandeis University archives and other historical repositories throughout New England. History internships also allow students to use their skills outside of the archive or museum context. In recent years, for example, students have interned at the White House, Congress, the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and with an impressive range of leading business, law, entertainment and public service organizations.

Eugene C. Black Prize Internship

Each year the History Department will award up to two E.C. Black Prize Internships (up to $1,000 each) to students who have declared a major or minor in History. In addition to completing this form, applicants must submit a letter of recommendation from the faculty supervisor for the internship and a copy of the registrar's form for 92a/b. A selection committee (the department chair, the undergraduate advising head and the internship coordinator) will determine the awards. Applications are due no later than April 1, 2024.

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