Recent Senior Theses


Cooper Boyar, “Players and Playing Fields: The Role of the Iraq War and the Arab Spring in the Lebanonization of the Middle East.”


Natan Odenheimer, “The Surreptitious History of Raphael Levy.”


Sarah Gellar, “Hezbollah’s Lebanonization and its Influence on Lebanon-Israel Relations.”

Tamar Schneck, “The Mellah Exploring Moroccan Jewish and Muslim Narratives on Urban Space.”


Hamilton Cook, “The Sultan of Lovers Drunk on the Sobering Wine of Gnosis: Sobriety, Knowledge, and Detachment in Ibn al-Fāriḍ’s Ecstatic, Mystical Poetry.”

Marc Eder, “A Survey of Factors Leading to the 1882 British Invasion of Egypt.”

Hannah Levinger, “A Life Awoken: The Philosophical, Religious, and Literary Significance of Ibn Tufayl’s Hayy Ibn Yaqzan.”


Asher Bublick, “The Legacy of the Yishuv Political System on the Israeli Constitution: Obstacles Towards Adopting a Written Constitution.”


Garrett Nada, “The Self-Identity of the Naqab-Bedouin Students of Ben-Gurion University.”


Avi Bieler, “From Tribe to Quraysh to Ummah: The Reconfiguration of Social Patterns in Early Islamic History through Politics and Religion.”

Charlie Gandelman, “Al-Farābī and Maimonides on Epistemology, Prophecy and the Relationship of Religion and Philosophy.”


Rebecca G. Wasser, “The Emergence of Muqtada al-Sadr: The Sadrist Movement and the Mahdi Army.”


Farrah M. Bdour, “Contributions and Challenges to Feminism in Egypt: The Works of Malak Hifni Nasif, Huda Sha’rawi and Zaynab al-Ghazali.”

Sarit Henig, “The Question of Maghrebin Integration in French Society: Republicanism, Shifting Identities, and Social Conditions Leading to the Riots of 2005.”

Kathryn Kosstrin, “Keep Your Enemies Closer: A Study of Al-Qaeda in an Effort to Find a Solution to the War on Terror.”

Michael Nahum, “Islamism among the Totalitarians: The Iranian Example.”

Jacob Olidort, “Maslaha: A Mechanism for Reform in Islamic Legal Theory.”

Ian M. Turetsky, “al-'Awa'il al-Yehudiyya Fi al-'Iraq: An Analysis of the Ba'th Party’s Survey of the Jewish Presence in Iraq.”