The interdepartmental program in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (IMES) has been discontinued and returned to a track (Arabic and Islamic Studies) in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies (NEJS).

Students in this track will graduate with a strong knowledge of Arabic and Islamic religion, literature, history, thought, and culture. The track requires students to complete an upper-level Arabic course and encourages a broad perspective both chronologically and in terms of adjacent cultures.

The word “Arabic” in the track title has a two-fold meaning: first, students will graduate with real strength in Arabic, and second, it is a way of indicating that the track includes courses that focus on Arabic-speaking non-Muslim populations that developed under Muslim aegis. The curriculum includes a regular rotation of courses taught by NEJS faculty as well as a rich selection of electives offered by faculty in other departments that treat regions where Islam or Arabic are prevalent. 


If you are student currently majoring or minoring in IMES, you can find details about course requirements in the previous University Bulletins.