Identity Statement & Common Agenda

Front of Library building with pink flowers

We partner with one another, and across the campus, to provide inclusive, equitable, and seamless access to expertise, spaces, content, and technology that empowers and inspires members of the Brandeis community.

We advance our common agenda of…

  • democratizing access to traditionally exclusive research and design tools across the disciplines

  • supporting students, faculty, and staff to seek knowledge and to engage with the larger scholarly world across all disciplines
  • supporting students to effectively promote critical thinking
  • cultivating inclusive and equitable services and partners across campus to empower all members of the campus community to pursue excellence in teaching, learning, research, and creative work


  • selecting, acquiring, and curating collections that will be well-used by the scholars of the Brandeis community, that builds on our strengths, and that will serve current and future teaching and research
  • providing expertise and training necessary to find and evaluate content, technology, and other educational resources to all members of the Brandeis community
  • empowering students, faculty, staff and researchers to become engaged information seekers by offering training for individuals to develop the literacies (digital, media, oral communication, quantitative, and information) necessary to navigate for the 21st century landscape
  • cultivating an environment conducive to innovative and iterative learning
  • preserving and disseminating cultural, scholarly, and creative work
  • fostering communities of practice that connect faculty from across the University

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The Brandeis Library chose not to develop a strategic plan at this time but rather an Identity Statement, which is an honest description of the library at this moment in time, and a common agenda to serve as a framework that incorporates critical defining elements of the library related to the Brandeis University's mission, business model, and organizational strengths.