Library Celebrates I am Global Week 

In celebration of I Am Global Week, Brandeis Library is highlighting our databases with content from all over the world and our recreational reading collection, which includes materials in a variety of languages.

The Library’s Databases A-Z list includes databases with news and scholarly content from all over the world. Recently added resources include:

  • Current Digest of the Russian Press Archive - Presents a selection of Russian-language press materials, carefully translated into English for use in research and teaching. The database is a comprehensive retrospective digest of the news presented to the Soviet and Russian public from 1949-1991 and 2010-2021
  • Izvestiia Digital Archive - Covers the "complete archive" of Izvestiia (Известия), from its founding in 1917 through present.
  • Pravda Digital Archive - Contains the full-text, full-image online searchable archive of Pravda (Правда, Truth), from its inception in 1912 through 2022. Pravda was the official voice of Soviet Communism and is now the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.
  • Struggles for Freedom: Southern Africa - The liberation of Southern Africa and the dismantling of the Apartheid regime was one of the major political developments of the 20th century, with far-reaching consequences for people throughout Africa and around the globe. This collection focuses on the complex and varied liberation struggles in the region, with an emphasis on Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. It brings together materials from various archives and libraries throughout the world documenting colonial rule, dispersion of exiles, international intervention, and the worldwide networks that supported successive generations of resistance within the region.
  • People's Daily - Renmin Ribao (1946-Present) - This database provides searchable, downloadable access to the entire run of the official Chinese-language newspaper of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party from 1946 to present.
  • World Heritage Sites: Africa - Links visual, contextual, and spatial documentation of African heritage sites. Includes materials relevant to African studies, anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art history, Diaspora studies, folklore and literature, geography, and history, as well as geomatics, advanced visual and spatial technologies, historic preservation, and urban planning. The collection is also a tool for experts and professionals engaged in the conservation and management of cultural heritage sites.

The Library Recreational Reading Collection, located on Goldfarb Level 1 across from the Information & Borrowing Desk, houses popular books and picture books in languages most commonly spoken by our students. You can browse this Recreational Reading Collection online and help us grow the collection by emailing suggested titles to