New Library Resources, Including Digitized Primary Source Collections

Brandeis Library is currently participating in the ProQuest Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA) program. Through an annual subscription fee, the EBA program provides access to a large number of primary source databases and, at the end of each fiscal year, the Library is able to select titles for perpetual access. Brandeis Library has purchased the following databases for perpetual access:

  • Pittsburgh Courier (1911–2010): Once the most widely circulated black newspaper in the U.S. in the early 20th century, the Pittsburgh Courier campaigned for increasing the number of black physicians and opening a hospital to serve the black community in Pittsburgh, where white facilities often refused to provide services. In the 1930s, the newspaper led a nationwide protest against the Amos ‘n’ Andy radio show and its advertisers because of the media’s offensive portrayal of African Americans. The publication’s “Double V” campaign during World War II demanded equal rights at home for black soldiers risking their lives overseas. Through the decades, intellectuals and influential writers such as W.E.B. DuBois, Marcus Garvey, James Weldon Johnson, Zora Neale Hurston, and others have written columns or reported for the newspaper.
  • Religious Magazine Archive: A searchable archive of magazines devoted to religious topics, spanning 19th-21st centuries. The publications were originally written by/for a wider populace rather than academic/cultural elites and offer insights into, for example, the influence of belief systems on public life, the history of popular religious movements and the means used by religions to gain adherents and communicate their ideologies. A wide variety of religions and denominations are represented, allowing for comparative studies of religions during this period.
  • LGBT Magazine Archive (Collection 1): Archival runs of some of the most influential, longest-running serial publications covering LGBT interests. Includes the pre-eminent US and UK titles – The Advocate and Gay Times, respectively. Chronicles more than six decades of the history and culture of the LGBT community. In addition to LGBT/gender/sexuality studies, this material also serves related disciplines such as sociology, political science, psychology, health, and the arts. Note: Some publications may contain explicit content.
  • Women's Wear Daily Archive: Comprehensive, high-resolution archive of Women’s Wear Daily, from the first issue in 1910 to six months from the present. Every page, article, advertisement and cover has been included.
  • In previous years, the Library purchased perpetual access to the Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive and Women's Magazine Archive‎ (1846 - 2005), Black Studies Center, African Diaspora (1860-Present), Mass Incarceration and Prison Studies, Atlanta Daily World, the Los Angeles Sentinel, The Vogue Archive, and the News Policy and Politics Magazine Archive through the ProQuest EBA program.

The Library has also added the following databases to the EBA plan for the upcoming year. We will have access to these resources through at least May 31, 2024.

  • Music Online: The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music: Comprehensive online resource devoted to music research of all the world’s peoples. More than 9,000 pages of material and 300 audio recordings, combined with entries by more than 700 expert contributors from all over the world, make this the most complete body of work focused on world music.
  • History Vault: CIA Cold War Research Reports and Records on Communism in China and Eastern Europe (1917-1976): This module consists of two major series of records: CIA Research Reports from 1946-1976 and records collected by Raymond Murphy on Communism in China and Eastern Europe from 1917-1958. Beginning in 1946 with reports of the CIA’s predecessor, the Central Intelligence Group, CIA Research Reports reproduces over 1,500 reports on eight areas: Middle East; Soviet Union; Vietnam and Southeast Asia; China; Japan, Korea, and Asian security; Europe; Africa; and Latin America. This series deals with international questions and biographical reports, offering profiles of relatively unknown leaders. The Murphy Collection provides information on war recovery efforts, international aid, and the formation of countries and substantial information on the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Queer Pasts: A collection of primary source exhibits for students and scholars of queer history and culture, curated by academic editors Marc Stein and Lisa Arellano. The database uses “queer” in its broadest and most inclusive sense, embracing LGBT topics as well as other sexual and gender formations that are queer. Particular focus is given to perspectives from people of color, trans people, and people with disabilities.
  • Latinx Thought and Culture: The NPR Archive, 1979-1990: Showcases two radio programs: the weekly Spanish-language Enfoque Nacional (1979-1988) and the Daily English-language Latin File (1988-1990), available for the first time in a searchable database as digitized audio with transcripts. They focus on Latinx issues related to politics, sociology, human rights, the arts and more with interviews of key figures and news reporting by a new generation of Latino/a journalists at the time.
  • LGBT Magazine Archive: In addition to the purchase of Collection 1, the Library has access to the LGBT Magazine Archives Collection 2 through at least May 31, 2024. Highlights from this collection include Anything That Moves, BLK, Gaysweek, and Matrices

Please reach out to your subject librarian to discuss using these databases in your teaching and research.