Brandeis Library Awards Information Literacy Grants

The Brandeis Library has awarded Information Literacy Grants to four faculty members to support their work with librarians to design courses that help students become mature researchers and scholars.

Each grant is $2,000. A librarian will be assigned to work with each grant recipient and would be available to teach at least one class or section whenever the course is offered.

The grant recipients for 2019-2020:
  • Introduction to Animal Science
    • Instructor: Melissa Kosinski-Collins
    • Librarian: Shannon Hagerty
  • Chinese for Life Science: Study of Chinese Medicinal Herbs with Contemporary Science
    • Instructor: Jian Wei
    • Librarian: Lauren Buckley
  • Hegel: Self-Consciousness & Freedom in Phenomenology of Spirit
    • Instructor: Eugene Sheppard
    • Librarian: Zoe Weinstein
  • Fundamentals of Environmental Challenges
    • Instructor: Dan Perlman
    • Librarian: Shannon Hagerty