New Library Resources

Brandeis Library is excited to announce that we have acquired the following resources:

  • ProQuest One Literature: Collection of sources including diverse primary texts, criticism, full-text journals, book reviews, dissertations, ebooks, reference material, audio and video to support the study of literature. Please note that ProQuest One Literature replaces Literature Online
  • Artforum Archive: The backfile of Artforum (later Artforum International), the leading magazine for coverage of international contemporary art, from its launch in 1962 to 2020. Spanning six decades of reporting on art in all media, Artforum offers features, reviews, and interviews relating to artists, exhibitions, publications, and other art world events / trends. Coverage: 1962-2020
  • ProQuest: Congressional Research Digital Collection Historical Archive, Parts C-N (2011-2022)
  • The Nation Archive: Complete indexing, abstracting, and full text for the complete archive of The Nation, beginning with its first issue in 1865.
    Coverage: 1865-2020
  • The New Republic Archive: Complete indexing & abstracting and full text for all issues back to The New Republic's inception in 1914. (Coverage: 1914-2020)
  • The National Review Archive: Complete indexing & abstracting and full text coverage for all issues of The National Review back to the first issue in 1955 through to the present. (Coverage: 1955-2020)
  • Ebony Magazine Archive: A key Afro-American magazine of the 20th century, covering 20th and 21st-Century current events, art, design, politics and culture, literature, advertising, and more. The Ebony Magazine Archive contains indexing, abstracting and full text for the complete archive (including Covers and Advertisements) beginning in November 1945 to June 2014.
  • TCG Books Play Collection (Drama Online): This collection will offer 200 plays from TCG (Theatre Communications Group) Books, the largest independent trade publisher of dramatic literature in North America. TCG Books’ backlist consists of diverse voices in contemporary American theatre, including 18 winners of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. The collection has launched with 110 titles. It will complete with a further 90 in Fall 2022.
  • African Newspapers: The British Library Collection: Features nearly 60 newspapers from across the African continent, all published before 1900. Originally archived by the British Library, these rare historical documents are now available for the first time in a fully searchable online collection. Brandeis Library had purchased another database covering African newspapers from the same time period World Newspaper Archive: African Newspapers (1800-1922) several years ago. To search across both newspapers simultaneously, please use this url.
  • Current Digest of the Chinese Press Digital Archive: Each week, The Current Digest of the Chinese Press presents the reader with a digestible collection of Chinese press materials, all in English. Selected articles cover a wide variety of topics, such as politics, international relations, security, economics, business, public health, environment, education, culture and more. The Current Digest’s mission is to provide the reader with a comprehensive, broad picture of the news published in China, be it domestic, international or related to other states of the Asia Pacific region. (Coverage: 2011-2021)
  • L'Affaire Dreyfus: Son Influence Dans La Creation De La France Moderne (The Dreyfus Affair)
  • La Guerra Civil Espanola (The Spanish Civil War)

Additionally, the Library announced earlier that we have acquired the News Policy and Politics Magazine Archive and The Vogue Archive through the ProQuest Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) program. Read more.

Journals and Series

The Library has also acquired online access to the backfiles of the following journals and series:

  • Lecture Notes in Computer Science Archive (1973-2004)
  • Lecture Notes in Physics Archive (1969-2004)
  • The Journal of Comparative Neurology (1891-1995)
  • Journal of Polymer Science (1946-1995)
  • Journal of Neurochemistry (1956-1996)
  • American Journal of Physical Anthropology (1918-1995)
  • Biopolymers (1963-1995)
  • Helvetica Chimica Acta (1918-1998)
  • Journal of Personality (1932-1996)
  • Journal of Applied Social Psychology (1971-1996)
  • Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry (1964-1996)
  • Journal of Morphology (1887-1995)
  • Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics (1947-1997)
  • Journal of Microscopy (1841-1996)
  • Developmental Dynamics (1901-1991)
  • Journal of Cellular Physiology (1932-1995)

The Library has also added a subscription to People's Daily - Renmin Ribao: a searchable, downloadable access to the entire run of the official Chinese-language newspaper of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party from 1946 to present.

Please reach out to your subject librarian to discuss using these databases in your teaching and research.