War's Aftermath

John Leech. Cartoon. Punch.

October 21, 1855

Grand Military SpectacleThe British supply chain broke down during the winter of 1855/1856, creating appalling conditions for the soldiers on the field and in hospitals, while many British officers sought shelter in their yachts. The situation was immediately reported in the press and led to public outcry over the bungled military operations. Here, in a reversal of celebratory protocol, soldiers returning from the war—many injured—inspect the field-marshals, who appear none the worse for wear.

March 23, 1856

These two cartoons lampoon the use of ceremonial bagpipes to welcome soldiers returning home from the war. In the image on the right, a soldier ties squealing pigs to himself before attending a ceremony to help him adjust to the noise of the bagpipes.

John Leech. Cartoon. Punch.Piping Time of Peace

John Leech. Cartoon. InitialA Real Soldier

Honoré Daumier. Le Charivari.

January 27, 1856

 Actualités, no. 272. LD 2563

Daumier cartoon: Saint Mitrophan and the god Mars resting from the fatigues of war.“Saint Mitrophan and the god Mars resting from the fatigues of war.”

St. Mitrophan of Voronezh (one of the Russian protector saints) and Mars (the god of war), exhausted from battle, rest on some clouds during the negotiation of the Treaty of Paris.