Remembering Ford and Sydeman Halls

A crowd gathers in front of Ford Hall to protest

Students gathering outside Ford Hall, January 8-18, 1969

[University Photo Collection]

This exhibit is presented by The Robert D. Farber University Archives and Special Collections Department of the Brandeis University Libraries.

Ford Hall seen from the back, with students in small groups talking or walking

General History and Architecture

A historical and architectural overview of the building

Students gather in front of Ford Hall to protest

Student Occupation

A brief account of the 11-day Ford Hall occupation by Brandeis African-American students

Students working in a Science Laboratory in Sydeman Hall October 17, 1954

Image Galleries

Photographs of Ford and Sydeman Halls from its construction starting in 1939 to its destruction in 2000

Three workers perched on the scaffolding, using hammers, during the construction of Sydeman Hall

Sources on Ford and Sydman Halls

A bibliography concerning Ford and Sydeman Halls and the student occupation