Theater Awards

Award statue

"Alltalia a Joan Crawford XI Rassegna Cinematografica Messina-Taormina," undated.

Award statue with gold shoe"The First Tap Shoe to Feel the Touch of 'Our Dancing Lady,'" undated.

Award statueF.R.C.F.C., undated.

5-Year Laurel Award

Award plaqueCrawford won this 5-Year Laurel Award for a "Topliner Dramatic Role" for her performance in Sudden Fear. This Exhibitor Award is the "official certification" that "carries with it the appreciation of the Theatre Industry for a job well done," 1948-1953.

Laurel Award – 1952

Award plaqueThis Laurel Award was given to Crawford in 1952 for her performance in Sudden Fear, the same movie for which Joan was nominated for an Academy Award.

Laurel Award

Award plaqueCrawford won this Laurel Award for a "Topliner Musical Role" in Torch Song, which was released in 1953. Torch Song marked Crawford's return to MGM after an 11-year absence.

Photoplay Magazine Awards – 1950

Photoplay Magazine Award certificateCrawford received this certificate, one of her two Photoplay Magazine Awards, for her performance in The Damned Don't Cry. Crawford played an oil heiress in this film, which was released in 1950. This award honors Crawford for giving "one of America's five most popular performances by a motion picture actress," 1950.

Photoplay Magazine Award – 1952

Photoplay Magazine Award certificateThe second of Crawford's Photoplay Magazine Awards was presented to her for her portrayal of a New York playwright in Sudden Fear in 1952.

Fur Fashion Woman of the Year – 1954

Award PlaqueCrawford was named Fur Fashion Woman of the Year by the Master Furriers Guild of America "in recognition of her contribution to fashions in furs," 1954.

Golden Shutter Award – Jan. 31, 1955

Golden Shutter Award CertificateCrawford received the first Golden Shutter Award on January 31, 1955, presented at Universal-International Studios by the Los Angeles Press Photographers Association. The award named Crawford as "the ideal photographic subject, perfectly developed and always in focus."

Award of Merit – April 26, 1963

Award plaqueCrawford was given the first annual award of merit by the National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers for her outstanding contributions to the Motion Picture Industry. She was presented with the award on April 26, 1963, at the Hotel Del Coronado.