Class Correspondent

Debra Cooper, PhD’89, a New York State committeewoman from the Upper West Side of Manhattan since 2006, joined a crowded field running for a seat on the New York City Council. “I’m ready to take the next step in serving the Upper West Side,” she said in announcing her run for the seat held by Gale Brewer, who could not run for re-election due to term limits. “I am ready to be a strong voice on the City Council, listening to the concerns and fighting for the values, needs and priorities of the Upper West Side.” The New York Times featured Robert F.X. Sillerman in a story about his latest business venture. Robert, who transformed the live music business in the 1990s by combining regional concert promoters into the nationwide powerhouse that became Live Nation, has returned to the business with the first of what he expects will be a string of investments in electronic dance music, the industry’s latest trend. He is pursuing independent companies that put on dance festivals, DJ parties and other events where the crowds might range from a few hundred people to tens of thousands. Randall Bailey was named Andrew W. Mellon Distinguished Professor of Hebrew Bible at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, where he has taught for 31 years. He has published one book and edited or co-edited six others dealing with biblical interpretation from racial ethnic perspectives. As an ideological critic, he has authored more than 70 articles in scholarly journals dealing with the intersectionality of race, class, gender, sexuality, ethnicity and power in the biblical text. During his career, he has mentored more than 20 students who have entered PhD programs.
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