Class Correspondent

Judith Shapiro, president of Barnard College from 1994-2008, was named president of the Teagle Foundation, founded in 1944 to be a catalyst for change in higher education and improve undergraduate student learning in the arts and sciences. Judith has served on the foundation’s board of trustees since 2008. Walter C. Teagle III, chair of the foundation’s board, says Judith “brings the deep knowledge of higher education, leadership skills and vision to ensure that the foundation will continue its important role in improving student learning.” Susan (Smullin) Jones married Howard Kaplan on Jan. 2 in Belmont, Mass. Susan writes, “After almost 25 years of happily unmarried bliss, we decided it was time to make a commitment.” Retired lawyer Marshall Stein, P’90, has written a novel, “Rage Begets Murder.” Set in and around Philadelphia, the book follows the strangely intertwined destinies of two extended families — one Jewish, the other Italian — during the early years of “dance-party” television, as the issue of race relations clashes with the problem of underage girls searching for a path away from stifling neighborhoods and suffocating parents. During his law career, Marshall was an assistant U.S. attorney in Boston and chief staff attorney for the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (New England) before spending 28 years in private practice.

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