Class Correspondent

5th Reunion
June 6-8, 2014

Maxine Kantor reports that she has had a busy year. She’s finishing her first year in the clinical PsyD program at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology and was recently accepted to her first choice second-year practicum placement at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center. She will work with adults with major mental illness. Maxine writes, “I’m looking forward to even more learning and growth, professionally and personally.” Benjamin Luxenberg is a first lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps. Julia Simon-Mishel graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Law School and will clerk for U.S. District Court Judge Norma Levy Shapiro in Philadelphia.

Israel get-together IMPROMPTU IN ISRAEL: Alex Braver ’09, Vanessa Anik Averbach ’05 and Gavi Young Fenster ’09 hung out recently while each was spending the year in Jerusalem.
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