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Rabbi Avi Greene, MA’97, and Sara Winkleman Greene welcomed their third child, Netanel Amichai, on March 21. Congratulations to grandfather Rabbi Kenneth Greene ’69, P’96; great-uncles Steven Greene ’74 and Richard Greene ’76; and uncle Hillel Greene ’02. Avi and Sara write, “We look forward to seeing him graduate from Brandeis in 2036!” Karen Citrin and her husband, Micah, are the co-senior rabbis at Temple Israel in Tulsa, Okla. “Women as rabbinic leaders is a new and welcome development in Jewish tradition,” Micah told the Tulsa World newspaper. “We both think of ourselves as competent, good rabbis, but we believe that what we do together, joining in leadership and vision, brings a synergy that is better than each of us alone.” Karen told the newspaper that she became interested in becoming a rabbi during her years at Brandeis, when she got excited about learning and teaching, including “how to make Judaism relevant to young people and families. I sought out the Jewish community. I found power and strength in being part of it. And I began to see it as something I could do full time.” The Citrins were previously at Peninsula Temple Beth El outside San Francisco. They have twin 6-year-old boys. Garen Corbett and Stacey Stein ’99 had a baby girl, Zoey Charlotte Corbett, on May 19 in San Francisco.

Business panel discussion HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS: More than 70 alumni attended a panel discussion, co-sponsored by the Alumni Club of Greater Boston, the Brandeis International Business School and the Asper Center for Global Entrepreneurship. Panelists Lisa Schreider ’96; Don Ciappenelli, MA’67, PhD’71; Zenobia Moochhala, MA’98; and Len Asper ’86 shared tips on turning business dreams into reality. At the event, Zenobia received the inaugural Asper Alumni Entrepreneurship Award.

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