Class Correspondent

35th Reunion
June 6-8, 2014

Naomi Bromberg Bar-Yam, Heller PhD’97, P’07, P’12, serves as the director of the Mothers’ Milk Bank of New England ( in Newton, Mass. This summer, the milk bank is moving to a new, larger facility to meet the growing need for safe, pasteurized donor human milk for neonatal intensive-care units, well-baby nurseries and families throughout the Northeast. Farley Frydman and his wife, Linda, are now grandparents. Their first grandchild, Jacob Chase Mitch, is the son of their eldest daughter, Gail, who lives with her husband, Brian, in Columbus, Ohio. Writes Farley, “Jacob becomes the first fifth-generation member of the family. My grandmother, Jacob’s great-great-grandmother, is now 106, still living at her own home here in Dayton.” Nancy Richler’s book “The Imposter Bride” was released in the United States earlier this year. The critically acclaimed novel tells the story of a mysterious mail-order bride in the years after World War II, whose sudden disappearance deeply affects the daughter she never knew. The novelist has moved back to Montreal from Vancouver and lives there with her partner. She told the Montreal Gazette that she now identifies herself as an LGBT writer. Married in her 20s, she came out after the marriage collapsed. “Being Jewish and being a lesbian, I have some sense of outsider-ness that is just structural, and it gives me a perspective that I wouldn’t have otherwise,” she said. “[My sexuality] hasn’t been the focus of any of my writing since my first novel (‘Throwaway Angels’), but it certainly informs my writing.”

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