Application Form

To be considered by the selection committee for the Mortimer Hays–Brandeis Traveling Fellowship, candidates must be nominated by the institution from which they received their undergraduate degree. In addition to the online application form (available from your institutional representative) the candidate must submit the following items DIRECTLY to your undergraduate institutional representative by that institution's internal deadline.

  1. One copy (official or unofficial) of each undergraduate and graduate transcript.
  2. Two letters of recommendation from individuals who know the candidate and are in a position to discuss the merit and viability of the candidate’s project and the ability of the candidate to complete the project successfully. The letter of recommendation form is available online. 

For candidates submitting proposals in the visual arts or art conservation only: 

  1. Up to 15 images in color or black-and-white, as appropriate, of at least ten different, recent works. Do not submit more than 15 individual images. Please include the title of the work or a descriptive title in each file name. (Example: Horses1.jpg) Include in your project proposal a list that identifies the title, size and medium of each image.
  2. Film and video samples. Samples should be not less than two or more than five minutes in length.
Fellowship awards are confirmed no later than mid-May of the year in which the fellowship is scheduled to begin.

To access the online application form, please contact your institutional representative.