The Mortimer Hays-Brandeis Traveling Fellowship provides support to students in the visual and fine arts, including art history, conservation, studio art and photography, for travel and living expenses outside the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii in accordance with a program of independent study or other activities approved by the fellowship selection committee.

The $19,000 fellowships are funded by income from the Mortimer and Sara Hays Endowment at Brandeis University.

The deadline for applications will be set by each participating undergraduate insitutition. If you are nominated by your undergraduate institution, your institutional representative will provide you with the application form to be sent to Brandeis in March. 

2023-2024 Recipients

Seiji Murakami

Columbia University '23

Study the techniques of traditional Japanese papermaking through an apprenticeship in Saitama prefecture and subsequent research in Echizen, one of the few remaining papermaking towns in Japan.

Sandra Rocha

Yale University '23

Documentation in Mexico of grass weaving and pottery of the P’urhepecha people using photographs and videos to create an instructional guide for the diaspora.

“It was a privilege and a blessing to be able to have a financial buffer for mistakes...I am no longer afraid of mistakes; I look forward to showing them to people.”

Juan Eduardo Flores, Mortimer-Hays Brandeis Fellow, 2016-17