The Mortimer Hays-Brandeis Traveling Fellowship provides support to students in the visual and fine arts, including art history, conservation, studio art and photography, for travel and living expenses outside the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii in accordance with a program of independent study or other activities approved by the fellowship selection committee.

The $19,000 fellowships are funded by income from the Mortimer and Sara Hays Endowment at Brandeis University.

The deadline for applications will be set by each participating undergraduate institution. If you are nominated by your undergraduate institution, your institutional representative will provide you with the application form to be sent to Brandeis in March. 

2024-2025 Recipients

Duomi Chen

Brandeis University '22

Art historical research in historical houses across England focusing on "Chinoiserie" wall hangings from the mid to late eighteenth century. Duomi's research seeks to deepen understanding of the visual politics of these wall hangings, situating them within the context of English imperial self-formation and the construction of "Chineseness" in the eighteenth century.

Sonia Kahn

Columbia University '23

Travel to Riga to shoot a documentary film on the USSR’s occupation of Latvia, focusing upon the 50 years of cultural censorship and the subculture of avant-garde filmmaking. The broader social objective of this project is bringing awareness to the Soviet diaspora for a Western audience, and contributing to the dialogue of post-Soviet art by screening the work in NYC and beyond.

Wendy Yu

Harvard University '22

Survey of demolition methods across China’s Hangzhou Bay area with a focus on non-technical documentation (field research consisting largely of photos and interviews capturing the psychological and spatial affect of demolition). The ultimate goal is to use this survey to produce in partnership with Tongji University students an exhibition of "subversive demolition plans." 

“It was a privilege and a blessing to be able to have a financial buffer for mistakes...I am no longer afraid of mistakes; I look forward to showing them to people.”

Juan Eduardo Flores, Mortimer-Hays Brandeis Fellow, 2016-17