Please Note

The IGS curriculum was changed in spring 2010. The requirements on this page apply to all students entering Brandeis in fall 2010 and after.

Students who started at Brandeis prior to fall 2010 may choose to meet the old requirements or the requirements on this page.

Requirements for the Major

Gateway Course

  • IGS 10a (Introduction to International and Global Studies)

Core Courses

  • ANTH 1a (Introduction to the Comparative Study of Human Societies)
  • ECON 28b (Global Economy) or IGS 8a (Economic Principles and Globalization), and
  • POL 15a (Introduction to International Relations)

Do you want to take upper-level Economics classes or even double-major? Please note that the Economics Department’s introductory sequence has changed. Majors must now take ECON 10a and ECON 20a. ECON 2a will still be offered but will no longer get you into upper-level Econ classes.


Six additional courses, two from each of the following three distributional categories:

Global Course Requirement

At least two of the six elective courses need to be from the list of courses dealing specifically with global issues.

Auxiliary Language Requirement

Completion of a fourth-semester course in a modern foreign language. The requirement may be fulfilled by enrolling in language courses at Brandeis or elsewhere, or by providing other evidence of proficiency, such as course work offered in that language.

International Experience Requirement

Students typically satisfy this requirement with a semester-long study abroad program (during the academic year) approved by the Study Abroad office. Students may substitute an international internship for study abroad; the internship must include at least 100 hours over at least six weeks (presumably during the summer) and must be at an organization concerned with the central issues of the IGS major.

If extended international residence would be a hardship, IGS students may petition the IGS internship coordinator to undertake a U.S.-based internship directly involved in international and global issues. Students meeting this requirement with an international or domestic internship must receive permission of the IGS internship coordinator prior to starting the internship, and must enroll in IGS 89b (usually offered in the fall semester) either during or immediately after their internship.

Senior Honors Thesis (optional)

Exceptional students interested in completing an honors thesis as seniors should apply to the honors coordinator, preferably in the spring of their junior year. Thesis students must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 in the courses counted toward the IGS major, and be engaged on a thesis project closely tied to IGS themes (as determined by the IGS honors coordinator).

For more information, see Honors Thesis.


No more than five courses from any one department will be counted toward the major.

Minimum Grade

All Brandeis courses used to fulfill the requirements of the IGS major must be taken for a letter grade (not pass/fail) and must be C or above.