Bad Feminist Book Cover

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Praise for Bad Feminist:

“This is the text for those of us who constructed our feminism from the pages of teen chick lit as much as from the musings of post-modern theorists. Gay gives us permission to take up the sword of feminism while laying down the shield of policed authenticity. As a result, we complete this book both more powerful and more vulnerable, just like Gay herself. How can you help but love this author?” – Melissa Harris-Perry, Maya Angelou Presidential Chair at Wake Forest University

“Gay’s provocative essays stand out for their bravery, wit, and emotional honesty.” – Publisher Weekly

“If Roxane Gay is, in her own words, ‘a mess of contradictions,’ it's there in the open. She's poised and a wreck, successful and vulnerable, proud and full of self-loathing, highly guarded and longing to be known. In short — a person.” – Annalisa Quinn, NPR

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WGS Reads


WGS Reads is an initiative that will bring the Brandeis WGS community - wherever you are and whoever you are (students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends) - together. We will read, discuss, and debate current feminist issues while making new connections and honoring the intellectual engagement that brought us together in the first place.

The inaugural WGS Reads events will take place in March 2018 in honor of Women's History Month

Local book groups focused on New York Times bestseller Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay will be held across the country. Published in 2014, the book is a collection of essays that cover topics from Sweet Valley High to Scrabble to race and privilege. The first essay in the collection calls into question what it means to be a “good” feminist and how the label of feminist is perceived. 

Roxane Gay - Credit Jay GrabiecPhoto by Jay  Grabiec

Participate in a Book Group:

Please check out the list of book groups below and sign up for one in your area by using the online form.

WSRC, Brandeis Campus
Sunday 3/4/18, 10 AM
Hosted by Rachel Sagan & Terry Perlmutter with Karen V Hansen
Max # of Participants: 40

Indianapolis, IN
Sunday 3/4/18, 3 PM
Hosted by Catherine Nichols
Max # of Participants: 15

Portland, OR
Thursday 3/8/18, 6:30 PM
Hosted by Rachel Mitnick
Max # of Participants: 15

Jewish Community Center, Upper West Side, Manhattan
Thursday 3/8/18, 6:30 PM
Hosted by Sara Friedlander with Sue Lanser
Max # of Participants: 100

Logan Square, Chicago, IL
Friday 3/9/18, 6 PM
Hosted by Myka Held & Oriana Fisher
Max # of Participants: 25

Brandeis Campus
Monday 3/14/18, 7 PM
Hosted by Yael Jaffe & Wendy Cadge
Max # of Participants: 30

Brookline, MA
Wednesday 3/14/18, 6:30 PM
Hosted by Constance Kane with Sabine von Mering
Max # of Participants: 20

Columbia Heights, Washington, DC
Wednesday 3/14/18, 7 PM,
Hosted by Abra Lyons-Warren
Max # of Participants: 11

Berkeley, CA
Sunday 3/18/18, 2 PM
Hosted by Amalia Bob-Waksberg
Max # of Paricipants: 20

Mid-city Los Angeles, CA
Sunday 3/18/18, 11 AM
Hosted by Debbie Adler
Max # of Participants: 6

Virtual Group via Zoom
Tuesday 3/20/18, 12 PM
Hosted by Wendy Cadge
Max # of Participants: Unlimited!

Upper East Side, Manhattan
Tuesday 3/20/18, 6:30 PM
Hosted by Odette Peterson
Max # of Participants: 12

In the meantime...

...start reading Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, available to purchase in paperback, e-book and audiobook. There will also be copies on loan available at the WGS office, Rabb 105.

If you don’t have time to read the whole book, that’s ok! Choose a few essays that appeal to you or check out this TEDtalk,  this NPR interview or read the Signs Journal, “Short Takes: Provocations on Public Feminism” related to the book.

We can't wait to read with you!