Fostering the Success of Women in STEM

The Women in Science Initiative is a community of graduate students, postdocs and staff of every gender that is fostering the success of women in the STEM fields.

We host several events that encourage members of every department in the sciences to interact and address issues surrounding graduate education and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The topics addressed are not limited to issues affecting women, but rather are issues that all graduate students in STEM face.

Members sit around a long table with an orange table cloth spangled with pumpkin-decorating bobbles; a couple members hold a paintbrush to their pumpkins and don a smile.

Regional Impact

In 2017, Brandeis WiSI joined efforts with eight other New England universities to form New England Graduate Women in Science and Engineering, an alliance between groups of graduate women in STEM from universities across New England.

The WiSI logo spells 'women' using x-chromosomes, Rosalind Franklin's x-ray crystallography, a bar graph, and the  sample size or natural numbers 'n'