For Retired Faculty

The transition to retirement represents a time of change. No longer bound by the constraints of teaching and service, many Brandeis faculty members spend their retirement years engaged in research and in the creation of original works.

Rather than retiring in the traditional sense, faculty are encouraged to continue to be part of the rich tradition of intellectual engagement that Brandeis values, and represent the university in their academic and creative work, their continued publications, and their presentations at professional conferences.

Retired senior and emeriti faculty retain many of their campus privileges, including access to campus events; library and tech support; their email addresses; parking; and invitations to departmental functions. The university also encourages retired senior and emeriti faculty to maintain their connection with the university through advising and mentoring.

Faculty who are considering retirement should speak to their dean about the transition. Each individual takes a different path, and many faculty members make the transition over multiple years.

The 2020 revised Brandeis Pathways to Retirement Plan for Tenured Faculty (pdf) provides such faculty members 65 years and older who have at least fifteen consecutive years of full-time service with the university (at the time of signing the agreement) with the opportunity to develop a plan for a personalized retirement path.