Committee on Strategy and Planning (CSP) and Budget and Priorities Subcommittee (BPS)

The Committee on Strategy and Planning* (CSP) will be chaired by the President and charged with advising the President about the annual and long-term priorities for the university derived from Board approved institutional priorities. This committee will work through strategic questions about how the institution should be positioned moving forward and match those priorities and strategic decisions to the budget priorities at the highest level. This committee makes recommendations to the President who in turn makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees. The committee will be comprised of the President (Chair), Provost, EVP for Finance & Administration, the Deans (from A&S, GSAS, Heller, IBS and the VP of Rabb), and six faculty (representing the four A&S Divisions, Heller and IBS).

2018-2019 CSP Membership

Ron Liebowitz, President, Chair
Lisa Lynch, Provost and EVP Academic Affairs
Stew Uretsky, EVP Finance and Administration
Dorothy Hodgson, Dean College of Arts and Sciences
Eric Chasalow, Dean Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
David Weil, Dean, Heller School for Social Policy and Management
Katy Graddy, Dean, Brandeis International Business School (IBS)
Karen Muncaster, VP Rabb School of Continuing Studies
Stephen Cecchetti, Professor, IBS
Carole Carlson, Senior Lecturer, Heller
Charles Golden, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Robin Miller, Professor, German, Russian, and Asian Languages and Literature
Sacha Nelson, Professor, Biology
Joseph Wardwell, Associate Professor, Fine Arts

The Budget and Priorities Subcommittee (BPS) will be co-chaired by the Provost and EVP for Finance and Administration and is mostly operational, focused on analyzing and quantifying high-level financial priorities. It will be the forum through which each part of the university will put forward its needs and priorities and learn about the needs and priorities of other areas. It will prioritize and share this information with the CSP, as well as information related to the budget, to ensure that strategic decisions are being discussed with clear financial information about the university. It will review the university budget proposal before its submission to the CSP, who will in turn submit it to the Board of Trustees. The subcommittee will be comprised of the Provost (Co-Chair), EVP for F&A (Co-Chair), CFO, Director of Budgets, Two (2) Faculty – from CSP.

* The Committee on Strategy and Planning replaces the Integrated Planning and Budget Committee (IPBC), and the University Budget Committee (UBC) for this academic year.