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Invited Postdoc Research Colloquium

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The Brandeis University Postdoctoral Association (BUPA) is organizing its annual Invited Postdoc Research Colloquium (IPRC) for Spring 2024. We are inviting one senior outstanding postdoc from life sciences and the Massachusetts area to Brandeis to present their research and to visit the Brandeis community.

The selected speaker will give an hour-long seminar and meet with Life Sciences faculty on one-on-one basis throughout the day. They will also have lunch and dinner with Brandeis grad students and postdocs for additional informal discussion. This provides an invaluable opportunity for the speakers to receive great scientific feedback and increase their visibility in the scientific community, two essential aspects for their future job search. And of course, this is an equally great opportunity for the Brandeis community to engage in fruitful scientific discussion and learn about exciting research performed outside of our campus.

Interested postdocs should submit an updated CV as well as an abstract of their research (maximum 250 words). The seminar will be organized in person and funds for travel and food will be provided for the speaker, who will also receive an honorarium. A virtual presentation will be organized should the need arise. We are committed to promote the visibility in science of women and underrepresented minorities and thus strongly encourage them to apply.

The application deadline is February 15, 2024. To apply, please fill out the application form.

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