Appointing Scholars

The Office of the Provost provides three types of academic appointments: postdoctoral scholar appointments, courtesy appointments, and visiting scholar appointments.

Postdoctoral Scholars

Postdoctoral Scholars are a crucial component of the research community here at Brandeis University. It is our goal to provide these scholars with the opportunity to prepare for the next steps of their career in a supportive and rewarding environment. The ultimate aim of a postdoctoral research position is to pursue professional training and development while benefiting from the mentorship of the University's faculty and the use of University facilities. The three types of postdoctoral scholar appointments are:

All postdoctoral scholar appointment requests are initiated by a Brandeis Faculty member through their department, center, or institute. Please visit the Office of Research Administration website for full details on Postdoctoral Appointment requests and required documentation.

Courtesy Appointees

Courtesy appointees are members of the Brandeis community who are not paid, but require a formal relationship with Brandeis for an academic purpose such as research, special academic use of Brandeis facilities, or other special arrangements. To recommend a courtesy appointment, please fill out the Courtesy Appointment Recommendation form and send it to, along with the scholar’s Curriculum Vita.

Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars come to Brandeis for a limited period of time to share their knowledge and experience and to learn something about us and with us. They come to Brandeis under the sponsorship of a Brandeis Faculty member, and are not considered Brandeis faculty, employees or contractors. However, they will receive a modest stipend to help defray travel or living expenses. If you wish to recommend a Visiting Researcher, Visiting Scientist, or Visiting Scholar’s appointment, we ask that you send the candidate’s Curriculum Vita and draft a letter that follows this example. Please send the scholar's CV and a draft of the letter (as a Word doc) to Allow 5 business days to process.