Brandeis Researchers in the News

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Lizabeth Hedstrom

Brandeis University chemical biologist Lizbeth Hedstrom received one of nine Director’s Transformative Research Awards this year from the National Institutes of Health under its High-Risk, High-Reward Research Program. The 5-year, $3.5 mil grant will support the development of new methods for drug design relying on targeted protein degradation. This emerging strategy has several potential therapeutic advantages over traditional approaches, including the development of more potent, longer acting, drugs.

The rational design of ‘degraders’ has focused almost exclusively on degradation induced when the target protein is modified with ubiquitin. In contrast, Hedstrom will be developing ubiquitin-independent strategies.


Research shows U.S. adversaries like Russia are pedaling fake health propaganda on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

James Pustejovsky

Computer science and linguistics professor James Pustejovsky, whose research focuses on language and extracting information from large amounts of text, is helping in to create an artificial intelligence platform that could sort through the research and lead to a treatment or a cure.

Michael Rosbach in kitchen

A talk with the Nobel laureate about his new role.

artist rendering

New research by psychology professor Margie Lachman's lab shows long-lasting effects on brain performance from child- and adulthood trauma