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Challenges fueling the opiod crisis in rural communities
Massachusetts Health Policy Forum describes challenges in Western Massachusetts

“There truly are unique challenges in western Mass ... but I think that is widely recognized here and we’ve recognized the unique opportunity that western Mass has to come together to solve this problem,” said Constance Horgan, director of the Institute for Behavioral Health at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis.


For decades, scientists have been building a case for a link between memory and a particular type of brain signal. Brandeis Neuroscientist Shantanu Jadhav collaberated on new work that finally offers up proof positive of that connection.

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Medical Residents report widespread sexual harassment
New Study finds significant unprofessional behavoir

Linda Pololi, lead author, says, "In our institutions of healing, learning and discovery, gender bias and harassment must be eliminated".

Chad Williams
Chad Williams remembers the Red Summer
History and African and African American Studies

Upon returning from World War I, African-American veterans encountered a wave of hatred and violence. On NPR, Professor Chad Williams discusses the "Red Summer" of 1919 in this interview with WNYC's "The Takeaway."

Matthew Heck
Matthew Heck
Musicology PhD investigates Russian composer and pianist Shostakovich

Nuts and bolts study brings together Russian and Anglophone theories.