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Fauda is a thriller about an Israeli commando squad pursuing terrorists.
Israeli TV and the International Market
Fauda is a thriller about an Israeli commando squad pursuing terrorists

Associate director of the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies Shayna Weiss explains how Israeli TV developed and the role it plays in Israeli society and politics.

black hole

The observation is a test of "strong gravity" and makes Wardle feel he really does understand some small part of our universe.

Room for rent sign

"My hope is that this research will illuminate two things: first, that an extremely high number of renters are experiencing housing problems, and second, that every level of government should be involved in implementing a policy response to that problem."

hipster stock photo
Mathematician Jonathan Touboul in the Boston Globe
The mathematical model for the hipster effect

"Hipsters look so much alike that they can’t even tell themselves apart from each other", tweeted Technology Review editor in chief Gideon Lichfield. Technology Review is a magazine run by Massachusetts Insitute of Technology, which wrote up Touboul's paper on the hipster effect.

Seth Fraden on PBS Newshour
Professor of Physics

Physicist Seth Fraden directs the bio-inspired Soft Materials Center at Brandeis University. Here, they want to understand the fundamentals of how living things move. Listen to him explain on PBS.