Know Your Rights

Brandeis University is committed to providing students, faculty and staff with an environment conducive to learning and working where people are treated with respect and dignity.

If you have experienced, witnessed or become aware of discrimination or sexual misconduct, you have rights and options.

Brandeis offices have been established to help you seek support and report the incident to university officials and/or local law enforcement. The university is committed to responding promptly and effectively once notified of any form of discrimination based on sex and forbids retaliation against an individual who has filed a complaint.

Get Immediate Help    Report an Incident

Fundamental Fairness Assurances

Brandeis University commits to the following ten fundamental fairness assurances:

  1. We promise to provide a neutral, unbiased, impartial and objective decision on whether behavior(s) violates university policy.
  2. We commit to understanding and owning our own biases and to check them at the door.
  3. We promise to recuse administrators from the process should there be a conflict-of-interest.
  4. We promise to follow university procedures without material deviation.
  5. We promise to honor your humanity and the equal dignity of all participants in the conduct process, and to conduct the process with as much transparency as we can.
  6. We commit that a respondent will not be found in violation of university policy unless a preponderance of the evidence establishes that a violation occurred.
  7. We promise that the university has the burden of proving whether there has been a violation of policy or not; that burden is not on either party.
  8. We commit to affording equitable procedural protections to all parties to an allegation of misconduct.
  9. We promise not to prejudge the allegations that have been made, and to reserve judgment until all evidence has been gathered.
  10. We commit to sufficient annual training and professional development for university administrators to assure competency in their roles.