Academic Integrity

"The university that carries the name of the justice who stood for the rights of individuals must be distinguished by academic excellence, by truth pursued wherever it may lead and by awareness of the power and responsibilities that come with knowledge." — Brandeis University Mission Statement

The strength and prestige of a university depends upon the commitment of students and faculty to teach and to learn, to pose challenging questions, and to seek the truth. At Brandeis University, every member of the community shares the responsibility for protecting the academic integrity of the institution.

Students at Brandeis are expected to uphold their integrity at all times. Students, faculty, and staff work together to protect the free exchange of ideas, and to respect the academic community, adding to the value of a Brandeis degree.

The Assistant Director of Student Rights and Community Standards is here to assist faculty and students and to educate our community on promoting academic honesty.

The Expectations

Below are a few examples of how Section 4 of Rights and Responsibilities applies to your time here at Brandeis. Please review Section 4 in its entirety to ensure you are aware of all expectations pertaining to Academic Integrity.