Conduct Requests and Records

Conduct Check Requests:

If you are a Brandeis employee and wish to request a conduct history check for a student(s), we ask that you complete this form.  

Our students’ privacy is of utmost importance.  If you are requesting a conduct history check, please ensure that you have informed the student of this and that you have documented that they are aware that you will be submitting this request, have granted you permission to access this information, and are aware of any ways this may impact their eligibility for opportunities with you/your department. 

If you are a student and wish to gather additional information regarding your personal student conduct records, please contact us at  We are happy to schedule a time to speak with you and provide you with additional information and/or talk you through questions you may have. 


Student Conduct Records:

Hearing reports will be retained by the DSRCS for seven years from the date on which this record was written, after which it will be destroyed, unless the student is involved in further conduct action.  When there are multiple incidents and associated conduct records, all records will be maintained for seven years from the date on which the most recent incident is closed, after which the record will be destroyed (except in extraordinary cases as defined by the DOS Office).  Access to such records is governed by the University Records Policy (see section 16.4 in R&R and on the University website).

Conduct records will not be shared with parties external to Brandeis without student’s permission. Note that any records or other evidence retained by the University may be subject to production by court order.

When a conduct check is requested and a student has granted permission for the University to divulge information, the University will review records and determine if there is information available which is required to be reported on the history check.  If a student was found responsible for violating a policy which resulted in a status sanction of Disciplinary Probation, Suspension, or Dismissal, the conduct record would be deemed reportable.  A student who was on one of these statuses was not in good conduct standing for a period of time.

In some instances, additional information will need to be provided to those requesting a conduct history check.  This may mean that any case resulting in any sanctioning would be reported.  Students would be made aware of this prior to that information being shared. 

Students with Pre-Health Advisors often request a letter from Student Rights and Community Standards which speaks to any conduct history. This letter is provided to the Pre-Health Advising team to assist with the application process.  To request this letter, please complete the, Pre-Health- Conduct History Letter Request Form.  For questions, please contact Student Rights and Community Standards at  

Below is a list of examples when this may apply. Note this is not an exhaustive list and may vary depending on the opportunity you are interested in.

  • Pre-Health Advising students/ applicants
  • Community Advisor Applications
  • State/Federal Job Opportunities
  • Medical School Applications
  • Law School Application
  • Roosevelt Fellows Applicant
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