Center for Teaching and Learning

Instructional Technology Team

Do you have a question about how to set up or use your course LATTE page? If so, please feel free to schedule a consultation with one of our Instructional Technologists for advice!

Our two Instructional Technologists are Ben Woupio and Wayne Smith:

Wayne Smith Ben Woupio

If you have a question about how to set up or use your LATTE pages, please email, and our Instructional Technologists will reach out to you shortly. Or, if you’d rather meet with an Instructional Technologist, please feel free to sign up for an in-person or Zoom consultation appointment. They also offer Zoom office hours every Wednesday at 1pm if you’d like to drop by!

If a component of LATTE seems broken, If you need technical assistance with LATTE, please contact the Technology Help Desk ( or 787-736-HELP (x64357)). The Help Desk can assist with uploading materials to LATTE, adding course participants, and other questions regarding LATTE.