Instructional Technology FAQ

1) Q: If we're teaching the same class next semester, does it just copy everything over into the semester class?
A: No, it will not simply copy everything over even if you are teaching the same class in the semester. However, you can perform a backup of all of your current course materials and then restore it during your next class in the semester. Therefore, it is possible to duplicate your course shell, that way you will not have to create it from scratch in the future.

2) Can you talk about the ask class form?  
A: The ask class forum is a forum activity that comes in the LATTE shell that you and your class can utilize if you choose to do so. It is a place where students can go ahead and ask any questions that they want about the class, such as a question on an assignment, an issue they may be having with an activity or something they are confused about. It also allows you as the instructor to respond along with other students who may know the answers. 

3) Do you know when we can start working on our semester classes in LATTE?
A: All LATTE courses will be available 4 months before their projected start date.

4) When you add an activity or resource. There are a lot of options. Is there a place that defines them all?
A: Yes, when you go to add an activity, you will see a list of all the activities you can add (ie. assignment, label, quiz, etc.), along with the add button, you should see an "i" symbol next to each activity. When you click on that, you will get a brief description of the activity you clicked on before having to add it.

5) How do you add a new topics section?
A: The first step is to scroll to the top and right hand corner of your course and select “turn editing on.” From there, scroll all the way to the bottom of your course page and on the bottom left hand side, you will see the option, add a new topic and then you can specify how many you would like to add.