Associated Faculty

Susan Birren faculty photo
Susan J. Birren
Zalman Abraham Kekst Professor in Neuroscience
781-736-2680 Shapiro Science Center 1-06A

Expertise: Developmental neurobiology. lab website

Paul DiZio
Paul DiZio
Associate Professor of Psychology
781-736-2043 Rabb Graduate Center, 5

Expertise: Human spatial orientation and motor control.

Irving Epstein
Irving Epstein
University Professor
Henry F. Fischbach Professor of Chemistry and HHMI Professor
781-736-2503 Shapiro Science Center 3-09
Area of Expertise: Oscillating chemical reactions and pattern formation in reaction-diffusion systems. Mathematical modeling of biochemical kinetics and neural systems
Leslie Griffith faculty image
Leslie Griffith
Nancy Lurie Marks Professor of Neuroscience
Director of the Volen National Center for Complex Systems
781-736-3125 Shapiro Science Center 2-06B

Expertise: Biochemistry of synaptic plasticity. lab website

James Lackner
James Lackner
Meshulam and Judith Riklis Professor of Physiology
781-736-2033 Rabb Graduate Center, 4

Expertise: Spatial orientation. Human movement control. Adaptation to spaceflight and autonomous vehicles.

Dan Oprian
Daniel Oprian
Louis and Bessie Rosenfield Professor of Biochemistry
781-736-2322 Volen National Center for Complex Systems 407

Expertise: Structure-function studies of visual pigments and other cell surface receptors.

Michael Rosbash faculty image
Michael Rosbash
Peter Gruber Endowed Chair in Neuroscience, Professor of Biology,
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
781-736-3160 Shapiro Science Center 2-24B

Expertise: Circadian rhythms, behavior, and gene expression. lab website

Robert Sekuler
Robert Sekuler
Louis and Frances Salvage Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
Department Chair, Psychology
781-736-3277 Volen National Center for Complex Systems, 244

Expertise: Visual perception. Cognitive processes.

Piali Sengupta faculty image
Piali Sengupta
Harold and Bernice Davis Chair in Aging and Neurodegenerative Disease
Professor of Biology
781-736-2686 Carl J. Shapiro Science Center 2-08A

Expertise: Behavioral and neuronal development in C. elegans. lab website

Arthur Wingfield
Arthur Wingfield
Professor Emeritus of Psychology
781-736-3270 Volen National Center for Complex Systems, 363

Expertise: Human memory