A computer-generated rendering of five mathematical surfaces, depicted as glassy objects on a glass tabletop

Still Life: Five Glass Surfaces on a Tabletop (Richard Palais and Luc Benard)

A computer-generated rendering, depicted as a glassy object.

Kuen's Surface: A Meditation on Euclid, Lobachevsky and Quantum Fields (Richard Palais and Luc Benard)

A computer-generated rendering, depicted as three mirrored balls sitting like a pyramid.

Fractal Wada Basins

Simulations of growing fatty-acid vesicles in fluid

Simulations of growing fatty-acid vesicles in fluid (simulations by Thomas Fai from joint work with Teresa Ruiz Herrero (Biogen) and L. Mahadevan (Harvard)

Visualization of the Schmidt game

A visualization of the Schmidt game connecting dynamical systems to number theory: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1001.0318.pdf (Artist: Yifat Fishman)

The Department of Mathematics at Brandeis combines the informality, flexibility and general friendliness of a small department with the intellectual vigor of a faculty whose research accomplishments have placed it among the top departments in the country.

Undergraduate Program

By studying mathematics, you'll be introduced to fundamental fields—algebra, real and complex analysis, geometry and topology—and to the habit of mathematical thought. Our curriculum includes courses in calculus, linear algebra, abstract algebra, real and complex analysis, topology, differential geometry, differential equations, number theory, combinatorics, statistics and probability theory.

Applied Math Major

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics degree was developed in response to the need for applied mathematicians to model solutions for the world's most pressing problems. You'll learn to apply this knowledge across many disciplines, including biology, chemistry, economics, engineering and social sciences. In fact, applied mathematics might interest you as a second major if you are already majoring in physics, computer science, biology, neurobiology, economics or business.

Graduate Programs

The graduate program in mathematics is designed primarily to lead to the PhD in mathematics. We also offer Master's in mathematics for students with a strong undergraduate background in mathematics, and a Post-Baccalaureate Program for students with a bachelor's degree (in any field) who would like to expand or deepen their mathematical skills for use in the workplace or in preparation for graduate programs in mathematics, science or social science.

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