About the Scholars Program

Who and What We Are

Evolving and dynamic, the Scholars Program is committed to fostering outstanding individual achievement of the highest caliber while building a community among the scholars and a partnership with the university. As a group, the scholars constitute a research-and-support community.

There are six categories of WSRC scholars:

  • Resident Scholars have a long-term affiliation with the program and work on one or more projects, contribute collegial support and help with administration of the program. 
  • Affiliated Scholars share the same three responsibilities on a “part-time” basis. 
  • Visiting Scholars are interested in establishing a long-term affiliation with the program, and after two years of membership in the program, they may apply to become resident scholars. 
  • Visiting Research Associates are people who join for a short period of time (generally one year or less), but have the option of applying for visiting scholar status by submitting an application by Feb. 1. 
  • Dissertation Scholars participate for one year while they finish writing their dissertation. 
  • Scholars on Leave take a leave of absence if they are unable to fulfill their scholar responsibilities and return when they are able to again.

Scholar Responsibilities

Scholars have three major responsibilities.

  1. Engage in and produce independent and/or collaborative research or creative projects dealing with women's lives or gender issues.
  2. Support the intellectual development of the other scholars, of the university community and of students.
  3. Participate in the administration of the program.
If and when a scholar cannot continue to fulfill these three obligations, the scholar requests a leave of absence or ends her/his relationship with the program.