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Scholars Program

Evolving and dynamic, the Scholars Program is committed to fostering outstanding individual achievement of the highest caliber while building a community among the scholars and a partnership with the university.

As a group, the scholars constitute a research-and-support community:

  • Resident Scholars have a long-term affiliation with the program and work on one or more projects, contribute collegial support and help with administration of the program. 

WSRC Students and Scholars

Through WSRC's Scholars Program, artists and academic scholars explore women's and gender issues, their work often culminating in thought provoking books and inspiring presentations that are open to the public.

The Center would like to take this opportunity to thank the following Scholars for the value they have added to our community while participating in thoughtful and inspiring research with meaningful impact. Your work has made a difference, and we celebrate you.



Scholar News

WSRC Scholars are welcome to submit items of recent research and field activity to Program Admin.  Updates will be posted as sent in.

Helen Berger, Affiliated Scholar 
Will be in "All of Them Witches" a new documentary film premiering Wednesday, December 21.  Historically seen as a dangerous crone conjuring destructive magic. Perceived as a threat to the community and in league with the Devil. This is the untold story of the Witch and her persecution and perseverance throughout history.  Written and directed by Mona Anil Panchal (Mucho Mucho Amore: The Legend of Walter Mercado). *AMC+ Exclusive

Susan Eisenberg,  Resident Scholar:

  1. Joined the editorial board of Labor: Studies in Working Class History(Duke) as Poetry Editor beginning with the fall 2022 issue.
  2. Eisenberg was among four honored as Trailblazers at the October 8 Women Build Boston conference keynoted by U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh.

Fran Forman, photographer and Alumna Scholar:

  1. Critical Mass Top 50: BBA Gallery, Berlin, Shortlist and group exhibition;  Solo exhibition, Photografica Gallerie, San Miguel d’Allende, Mexico; International Color Awards, Honorary Mention; Podcast, Frames Magazine; Juror, ND Awards; Feature, PhotoBook Journal; Feature, OneTwelve Magazine

 2. Group exhibitsRevelo, North Carolina Museum of Art; Griffin Museum; A-W Galerie, Frankfurt, Germany.

Karen Frostig,  Affiliated Scholar

Is invited to speak at the UN General Assembly on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, 2023. This deep honor is reserved for Holocaust survivors and speakers who have made noteworthy contributions to remembering this tragic history. She will be speaking about her family and her work. The 1941 Deportation Video to Riga will be on display in a reserved area within the building. 

Rajashree Ghosh, Affiliated Scholar:

  1. Published blog" In praise of the field" Global-ED July 2022. Accessible at https://www.uni-verse-consulting.com/blog/2022/07/30/2865/
  2. Curator, Global Environmental Justice Documentaries;  two lesson guides for college level teaching: Name of film: Cooked: Survival by Zipcode; https://misc.docuseek2.com/gej/guides/gj-041a_guide.pdf    and      Name of film: Youth Unstoppable; https://misc.docuseek2.com/gej/guides/gj-043a_guide.pdf


Margaret Morganroth Gullette, Resident Scholar:

1.“My Mother’s Hands,” “Connections” column, Boston Globe Magazine, October 16, 2022.

2.“Reflections on the Turn to Ageism in Contemporary Cultural Discourse,” Theory Culture & SocietySeptember 19, 2022.  http://journals.sagepub.com/toc/TCS/0/0 DOI: 10.1177/0123456789123456.

3.From American Eldercide, “Ageism’s Toll in the Age of COVID," Q and A with Margaret Morganroth Gullette, Harvard Radcliffe Institute, September 2022 https://www.radcliffe.harvard.edu/news-and-ideas/ageism-s-toll-in-the-age-of-covid; reprinted on ASA, https://generations.asaging.org/ageisms-toll-age-covid; also GSA, also Silver Century.

Suzanne B. Hanser, Affiliated Scholar

Keynote address for “Culture & Health” at the Universitá della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano, Switzerland

Laurie Kahn, Affiliated Scholar

Artist Residency/Fellowship in Auvillar France

Amelia LeClair, Affiliated Scholar:

Amelia LeClair is now the published author of Dame Ethel Smyth’s Mass in D from 1893/rev 1925. Furore Verlag of Germany, who publishes only music by women composers, has accepted her edition. It will be the first in the world (although the original publishers in the UK claim to have an edition, it is not actually available. These are the same publishers who told Dame Ethel in 1925 that they would not imprint her work due to lack of demand for it). This is the work she was doing in the Brandeis WSRC library with her Student-Scholar Partnership students for six years as a Resident Scholar.  Ethel wrote this piece as a young woman in Leipzig - it is a magnificent piece of music, on the scale of the Brahms Requiem, and once heard will surely become part of the standard canon.  With only a handwritten manuscript to work from, this was truly a labor of love. The world premiere will be in December 2023 at Jordan Hall, and Amelia will be dedicating it to Jake Sibley - one of her past SSPs, but she hopes that all of her SSP’s know about it:  Elon Wong, who taught her so much about using Sibelius, and Dominique Norgaisse, a brilliant double major in linguistics and music, and Hannah Gudeman, who was there to offer invaluable assistance when needed.

Annette Miller, Affiliated Scholar

“You Will Not Play Wagner” starring actress and scholar Annette Miller  chosen to Headline the  2023 Sarasota Jewish Film Festival. The film was also accepted  at the Miami Jewish film festival and the Chicago Jewish film festival at the Skokie Holocaust Museum.

Ruth Nemzoff, Affiliated Scholar

Participated in two recent podcasts:


Vaughn Sills, WSRC Alumna, (Visiting Scholar)

This Precious Life,"  Solo Exhibit and Catalog: Art Center, Anna Maria College, Paxton, MA; Oct. 19 - Dec. 19, 2022; 

Susan Wilson, Affiliate Scholar:

  1. Signed a contract with McFarland & Co. Publishers for her WSRC project of the past six years, a biography of pioneering 19thcentury physician/surgeon Dr. Susan Dimock.
  2. Had 7,000-word illustrated article on Dr. Dimock published in the Annals of Surgery Open; this was the second article in a medical journal co-authored with former Student Scholar Partner, Megan Catalano, and retired surgeon, Dr. Jane Petro:https://journals.lww.com/aosopen/Fulltext/2022/12000/Susan_Dimock,_Pioneering_19th_Century_American.5.aspx?context=LatestArticles;  
  3. Created You Tube channel, “Susan Wilson’s History Channel.”
  4. Was a finalist for House Historian of the Year, an annual award given by Historic Hotels of America, for my work at the Omni Parker House.