Research Areas

Advancing Women’s Leadership and Improving Human Performance


Ph.D. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

M.A., Northeastern Illinois University 

B.A., Northeastern Illinois University 

Edith Coleman Chears

Edith  Coleman Chears

Edith Coleman Chears

Edie is the President of a training and development consultancy and pool of professional trainers (19 years).  She has held leadership positions in corporate America (financial/manufacturing), higher education (as an adjunct professor, college administrator and program director), and has led numerous human performance improvement and development initiatives.

Recently completing her doctorate (2017) in organizational leadership, Edie adds another component of knowledge to complement her corporate, entrepreneurial, and academic experiences. Her focus is to continue discourse and develop intervention for the ongoing issue of women’s sluggish advancement to leadership in American workplaces. Edie hopes to provide illumination and build a viable platform for sharing her workplace experiences, doctoral research, and results.  She has begun to accept engagements (speaking to practitioners and aspirants) on leadership, second generation bias, navigating techniques, cultural sensitivity, and other related topics.


Current Projects

Edie’s current efforts include putting a continuous spotlight on ‘awareness’ and the critical need of aspiring young leaders regarding workplace realities, implicit bias, and the resurgence of explicit bias. She is dedicated to two projects for 2019-20. 1) The creation of a unique and non-traditional 8-Module Women’s Leadership Development Program. The modules will include components essential to the Science of Navigating Bias such as: Awareness, Self-Interrogation, Self-Preparation, Refine/Re-find Mindfulness, Thought and Situational Leadership, The Power of Intentionality, Agile Navigation/Discourse and Agentic Tools for Daily Defense.

2) The creation of a ‘thin’ companion book of applicable research findings (women’s strategies, stories and workplace wisdom, etc.) will demystify how one navigates the incessant barriers that deter women’s advancement. The book is currently entitled, “The PP Factor: Persisting Perceptions of Women’s Leadership.”

Representative Publications

Chears, Edith C., (2017). “Advancing Women’s Leadership: Women Navigating Persisting Perceptions of Their Leaderships and the Potential Impact of Awareness.” ProQuest

Chears, Edith C. & Chears, Evan, C., (2008). “The New Terms of Endearment: You My Nigga.”  A cross-generational review of the adoption of derogatory labels; the role of the cultural industry in the commodification of the labels; and if the adoption successfully reinforced, or redefined negative images in America. Presented at the 17th Annual African-American and Latino(a) American Research Symposium (2008).