Research Areas

Black Feminisms; Transnational Feminisms; Development Studies; Latin American Studies 


Ph.D., American University 

M.S., Temple University 

B.A., Sarah Lawrence College 


Ereba Iriona Project website

K. Melchor Hall

K. Melchor Hall

K. Melchor Hall

K. Melchor Hall conducted Fulbright-funded research (2011-2012) in Honduras among the Afro-indigenous Garifuna women who make cassava bread, or ereba in the Garifuna language, and is completing a book about that research. As a Black feminist scholar-activist, she studies the global and transnational forces that marginalize and oppress Black populations around the globe, and works toward freedom in solidarity with others.

Current Projects

Developed by K. Melchor Hall in collaboration with the Garifuna communities of Iriona Honduras, the Ereba Iriona Photography and Book Project includes: an academic manuscript entitled Baking Ereba, Building Community: Plural Capabilities in the Garifuna Villages of Honduras; a photography book to be disseminated among the Garifuna villages in which research was conducted; and a photo exhibition at the Kniznick Gallery. 

Representative Publications

“A Transnational Black Feminist (TBF) Framework: Rooting in Feminist Scholarship, Framing Contemporary Black Activism,” Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism (forthcoming) 

“Introducing Joint Capabilities: Findings from a Study of Development in Honduras’ Garifuna Ancestral Villages,” Journal of Human Development & Capabilities (published online, print version forthcoming)